Metro Men

Consumer Tribe: Metro Men

Metro Men
Consumer Tribe: Metro Men
Keywords: social events; personal care; self-care; gym moments; men's skincare.

Description of their identity

Metro Men is a tribe made up of men between 20 and 35 years old who share a recurring concern for the care of their bodies and themselves in aesthetic terms. Unlike the Pro-LGBT Tribe, the tribe position itself not from plurality and homosexuality but from heterosexuality with a high appreciation for their physical appearance; this is because the messages of attraction and emotional expression are explicitly directed to the opposite sex.

In this sense, trips, social events, and restaurants function as luxury spaces that allow them to decorate their aesthetically worked persona. Their social media serve as a display to portray their bodies and receive praise from their digital community: hence the images of themselves, their newly purchased outfits, and their face with philosophical or authorial phrases. In short, the point is to build social capital from their figure.

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