Consumer Tribe: Monstertruckers

Consumer Tribe: Monstertruckers
Keywords: SUVs; alcohol consumption; trucks; friends; road-travel; freight cars; cargo cars.

Description of their identity

Monster Truckers is the name that alludes to a group of men who relate their masculinity to their taste for cargo cars in functional and symbolic terms. However, for them, the passion for trucks goes beyond the material; it is an object that metaphorically expresses the masculine attitude they have adopted throughout their lives: the one in which the man is presented from the excess, grandeur and colonization of the environment.

Hence, its identity axis is about constituting itself as hyper-masculine people who build their path through the greatness and strength of their will. The Monster Truckers tribe demonstrates, day by day, that they are independent people because of their ability to equate everything, to mark their presence with force and to establish a prominent attitude from their corporal expression and the objects they consume.

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