Moral Altruists

Consumer Tribe: Moral Altruists

Moral Altruists
Consumer Tribe: Moral Altruists
Keywords: Altruism, feminism, anti-violence, social causes, professional development, positive messages, family.

Description of their identity

The Moral Altruists tribe is consolidated by a network of men and women between 30 and 45 years old who position themselves on social platforms from the figure of the altruist who seeks to participate in those social movements and causes that make sense to them.

However, unlike other more activist tribes, this tribe shows its relationship from its social-family facet and less from an activist positioning. Thus, the tribe uses its profile to relate family, social or individual photographs with phrases that denounce violence against women or expose messages that portray love as a priority. Thus, feminist positions are incorporated into their individual figure that highlights their family, social or personal tastes.

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