Consumer Tribe: MotherLioness

Consumer Tribe: MotherLioness 
Keywords: Childcare; family protectors; aggressive motherhood; challenging attitude; physical appearance. 

Description of their identity
Mother Lioness represents the figure of the mother who, when it comes to protecting her children, is fierce, jealous, and even threatening to others. However, in front of her kids, she permits herself to behave lovingly, affectionately, and cuddly.

She constructs her identity based on the interspersed exposition of two dichotomous feelings. The first is tenderness towards their children. On the other hand, it denotes aggressiveness towards what they perceive as dangerous for their family. Social media, for Mother Lioness, is a representation of their territory: they allow them to keep their own under their surveillance and, from there, to position themselves before others as strong and empowered mothers.

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