Consumer Tribe: Mountainers

Consumer Tribe: Mountainers
Keywords: Alpinism; natural travel; trekking; hiking; landscapes; camping.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises a network of people who build their identity from the figure of the mountaineer, that is, the one who defines himself as a lover of mountaineering, trekking, hiking, expeditions, or any activity, including the link with nature at high altitudes. However, it should be added that this identity figure goes beyond simply practicing sports that involve climbing mountains; it also has to do with the lifestyle of a brave, pragmatic, and daring person who incorporates the hiker attitude into their city life.

In this sense, the identity axis of this tribe formulates from the idea of the victorious subject in natural contexts. For Mountainers, being part of the tribe includes the individual presenting himself as a triumphant person, self-sufficient, independent, and able to cope in non-city environments, requiring practical knowledge to adapt to any surface or complicated situation. Finally, it is a network of people whose identity condition is constantly stepping out of their comfort zone.

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