Movie Buffs

Consumer Tribe: Movie Buffs

Movie Buffs
Consumer Tribe: Movie Buffs
Keywords: Cinema; movie trailers; movie premieres; Mexican talent; Netflix.

Description of their identity

The consumer tribe comprises men and women who build their personalities in and through movies. Hence, all activity and commentary are focused on exposing their fanaticism for the film on the billboard. Also, comment on their favorite movies and the artists and directors who create those works. Not talking about the film implies not being of the tribe.

The fanaticism they present is done by the expert figure. These are not only people who reveal that they recognize and appreciate films and artists, but they also emulate the logic of a billboard informing about upcoming releases. In addition to exposing reviews, commentaries, synopses, analyses, and in-depth analyses that go beyond the simple film, they are interpretations of the narratives of cinema.

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