Multifunctional Architects

Consumer Tribe: Multifunctional Architects

Multifunctional Architects
Consumer Tribe: Multifunctional Architects
Keywords: Construction; models; books; renderings; buildings; monuments; paintings; interior design.

Description of their identity
The tribe called Multifunctional Architects, as its name suggests, is composed of a network of people passionately dedicated to constructing and designing buildings, apartments, houses, and public works. This can be seen in their digital activity: they use their profiles to link themselves with the jobs they carry out, upload models of their new projects and exhibit technical books on construction.

In this sense, the multifaceted architectural skill constitutes the central identity axis of the members of the tribe. For them, positioning themselves as successful architects is not only a matter of showing their quality in the design of the constructions or monuments they build. At the same time, this action must be accompanied by technical knowledge in engineering and a rational look inspired by art. It is a matter of imbuing both sensible and affective elements in the work they are passionate about.

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