Narcissistic Selfcares

Consumer Tribe: Narcissistic Selfcares

Narcissistic Selfcares
Consumer Tribe: Narcissistic Selfcares
Keywords: Overcoming, obstacles, perseverance, happiness, enjoying life.

Description of their identity

This network is made up of young men averaging 18 years of age who actively use social networks as a means of constructing and projecting their identity from two complementary and distinctive dimensions.

  1. First, they stand out for their focus on the aesthetic aspect, which is reflected in the large number of selfies they take and share on their profiles. These images are carefully selected and edited to highlight their physical appearance.
  2. They are distinguished by their thoughtful attitude and interest in self-improvement. In addition to sharing photos of themselves, they complement their posts with motivational quotes and empowering messages.

In short, this network of young men uses social networks as a platform to present a complete and balanced image of themselves, encompassing their physical appearance as well as their mental and emotional attitude.

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