Nerd Geeks

Consumer Tribe: Nerd Geeks

Nerd Geeks
Consumer Tibe: Nerd Geeks
Keywords: Superheroes; video games; animated series; cartoons, anime, manga, comics.

Description of their identity

The tribe called Nerdgeeks consists of many profiles that identify with any animated figure, allowing them to show themselves from the singular, the bizarre, and the uncommon. In this sense, they offer themselves as fans of television series, video games, and comics because they allow them to show themselves as unique people with particular tastes which do not represent the majority.

The central identity point of this tribe has to do with the search for eccentricity to build themselves as authentic, unique people with a value different from others. For them, the strange and misunderstood become the desired and admired, so the introverted or antisocial attitude becomes the canon that modulates their daily activity and consumption of comics, video games, and entertainment.

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