New Locals

Consumer Tribe: New Locals

New Locals
Consumer Tribe: New Locals
Keywords: Beach; nightclubs; work moments; Quintana Roo; homeland pictures; selfies; work routines.

Description of their Identity
The hyper-localized tribe New Locals, as its name suggests, is a group of people who, despite not originally from the south of Mexico, show that they live there because they identify with the Caribbean beach context. Many foreigners reside mainly in Cancun and Playa del Carmen as employees of restaurants, bars, hotels, and natural excursion agencies.

In this sense, the primary identity axis of the tribe is the exhibition of their life from the vacation-work binomial. That is to say, they show how their life can be compared to an eternal vacation, despite working constantly. For them, being the new locals in the Caribbean is a spectacle that blurs a little the work-rest barrier and allows them to have a quiet pace of life compared to the big metropolis.

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