Consumer Tribe: Normcores

Consumer Tribe: Normcores
Keywords: Daily-life photos; pets; landscapes; music; friendship; school; job. 

Description of their identity
Normcores are young people who define themselves on social media based on the image they build of themselves and their lifestyle. Normcore is a trend that generates a basic, non-notable appearance as a posture of rejection to overloaded or exuberant styles. However, those who are part of the tribe not only procure a personal image of this type but have extrapolated this logic to their daily lives.

In opposition to the representation of an idealized lifestyle on digital platforms, Normcores do not show glamorous trips, attendance to fashionable places, or the possession of luxurious objects. What the tribe posts are random images of their daily lives. The more ordinary, the better. Some examples are the morning coffee, the graffitied building they walk by daily, and their pet in a funny position.

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