NPC (Non-Playable Characters)

Consumer Tribe: NPC (Non-Playable Characters)

NPC (Non-Playable Characters)
Consumer Tribe: NPC (Non-Playable Characters)
Keywords: Avatars, discouragement discourse, sadness, anger, extravagantness.

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a set of profiles that use avatars, renders, photographs, edits or videos to express how they are characterized by not being relevant nor having any unique quality or skill. However, it is not a position where they expose this sense of belonging from sadness or even depression.

Instead, it is a way of sarcastically expressing how their social value lies in their rarity, extravagance, incomprehension of the other, and uselessness. Finally, such a tribe understands ice cream within cathartic scenes. They become part of a solitary and personal ritual that allows them to dedicate themselves to themselves or construct personalized fun moments.

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