One Man Army

Consumer Tribe: One Man Army

One Man Army
Consumer Tribe: One Man Army
Keywords: Violent discourse; challenging attitude; weapons; offensive phrases; automobiles; alcohol consumption; drugs consumption.

Description of their identity

One Man Army refers to a network of men with a particular identity expression: masculinity from aggressiveness. That is to say; the name alludes to a tribe that violently positions itself in front of its surroundings, whether from the exposure of the weapons they possess, offensive phrases or poses in which they show themselves standing upright and staring at the camera or the other.

With this in mind, their identity axis is configured from the association of their person with violence. Any element that is part of their property or any act they perform in public must communicate, by themselves, that the subject is synonymous with danger in the face of their enemies. They do not show violence in a general way, but to people, they interpret it as adversaries.

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