Consumer Tribe: Optoutsiders

Consumer Tribe: Optoutsiders
Keywords: Hiking, camping, mountain tops, camping tips, outdoors adventures. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a group of profiles from 18 to 30 years that position themselves on social media for their fanaticism for hiking, climbing, and camping experience. In this sense, it is a tribe that articulates its identity figure with a nomadic lifestyle that likes to leave the conditions of the city to be in contact with nature.

However, unlike other tribes, the bond maintained with heart has more to do with domination than contemplation or care. Its lifestyle and representation to others include that the individual presents himself as a successful, self-sufficient, independent person, able to cope in non-city environments, requiring pragmatic knowledge to adapt to any surface or complicated situation. It is a network of people whose identity condition is constantly stepping out of their comfort zone.

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