Organic Souls
Consumer Tribe: Organic Souls
Keywords: Spirituality, gratitude, travel, literature, healthy food, contact with nature

Description of their identity

This tribe is formed by a network of profiles from 20 to 24 years old that position themselves in socio-digital media based on their relationship with nature and their person (in terms of being). In this sense, they seek to expose all those actions that allow them to care for themselves, deepen their person, cultivate their perspective, and maintain a healthy or sustainable relationship with the environment.

This behavior portrays a set of people who understand travel from contact with nature or the construction of spaces that allow them to isolate themselves or connect more with others. They understand their local place and environment as a setting that will enable them to connect and maintain their self-care practices.

It is about constituting themselves as nature lovers from the calm and contemplation of its details and properties.

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