Own Bosses

Consumer Tribe: Own Bosses

Own Bosses
Consumer Tribe: Own Bosses 
Keywords: Travel; luxury goods; vacations; dinner; friendship; products; relationships. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises people between 25 and 50 years of age who, like the Diamond Dreamers tribe, are consolidated from their professional relationships in a multilevel company. In this way, they are also profiles formed by their work and the success they have achieved from it.

However, the central element that produces synergy among all members is not the work aspect or the brand they work for, but the idea of owning their time. Hence, they build their identity from the figure of the entrepreneur; therefore, their social media show little of the work events or products they sell. Instead, it reflects fully the free time that reflects the social and economic status they have generated: social events, vacations, and dinners with their partner, among others.

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