Pet Guardians

Consumer Tribe: Pet Guardians

Pet Guardians
Consumer Tribe: Pet Guardians
Keywords: Cats; dogs; animals; inspirational phrases; family photos; animal awareness; animal rights; dog adoption.

Description of their Digital Identity
The tribe called Pet Guardians corresponds to a group of people who show an essential concern for their pets and certain animals. That is, they are men and women who not only show their pride in the family relationship they have with their pets but also show the extraordinary actions they perform: they collect dogs from the street, promote the discourse "adopt, don't buy", expose situations of animal abuse and information about abandoned dogs that can be rescued.

Therefore, the representation of pets as part of the family is the central axis that characterizes the tribe. In other words, this group consolidates its identity by assimilating animals as family members. This feeling is so deep that it demands they care for their pets and abandoned ones. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not an activist position: they do not assume a role against meat consumption or show concern for animals that are not meant as pets.

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