Pet Parents

Consumer Tribe: Pet Parents

Pet Parents
Consumer Tribe: Pet Parents
Keywords: Pets, dog photography, cats and birds, canine toys, home decoration, pet parents.

Description of their identity

Pet Parents is the name given to the group of young men and women (20 to 35 years old) who consolidate their personal and couple identity from their relationship with their pet. For them, the animal that resides in their home is more than a simple domesticated companion because it has become an affective part of the family, to the extent that their activities revolve around their pet's recreation.

The association of their pet as a child or a family member is the main event that shapes the tribe. Instead, the bond with dogs, cats, and birds becomes essential to express their identity as "adoptive parents". So the main activity of the tribe is the digital exhibition of the affective connection spaces they generate with their pets, in addition to the products and toys they buy for them.

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