Petty Queens

Consumer Tribe: Petty Queens

Petty Queens
Consumer Tribe: Petty Queens
Keywords: Aggressive behavior; memes; luxury goods; alcohol consumption; relationships.

Description of their identity
Petty Queens is a consumer tribe of women who show themselves from the strength they have had to overcome infidelity and male rejection. In other words, they are women who position themselves socially as scorned. Therefore, their behavior is orchestrated as revenge toward men to reconstitute themselves as people. Their resilience, thus, derives from overcoming their past through an aggressive attitude toward their surroundings.

The mean relationship with men is the central axis of the members of the tribe. In their social media, many phrases denote anger for the relationships they have had with their partners. However, it is worth mentioning that these are not sentences of sadness or spite. Instead, they are contents that expose the value of their person from the contempt towards the masculine and publications that build their security from an aggressive stance towards others.

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