Positive Preachers

Consumer Tribe: Positive Preachers

Positive Preachers
Consumer Tribe: Positive Preachers
Keywords: Motivational phrases; children; emotional catharsis; travel.

Description of their identity

Positive Preachers is a tribe of men and women between 30 and 50 years old who associate their identity with a positive attitude in the face of any moment or adversity. They generally share an ideology of self-improvement, reflection, and search for collective catharsis that works as a motivational situation to continue to meet their personal and professional goals.

Negativity is the enemy of the tribe. They seek to eliminate non-positive moments by repeating a positive discourse in the form of memes, phrases from authors, images of their family accompanied by slogans or proposals for self-improvement, and poetic and optimistic images that trace existence as a progressive learning process.

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