Preacher Moms

Consumer Tribes: Preaching Moms

Preacher Moms
Consumer Tribe: Preacher Moms
Keywords: Mother advice; moral values; motherhood; parenting; religion; self-improvement.

Description of their identity

Women consolidate preacher Moms between 30 and 50 years old who, like many tribes, articulate their identity with their maternal social role. They are mothers who show the family activities they perform or their fascination for their children and maintain a tone of teaching and experience in their digital communication.

In such a line, motherhood presents from their experience exposed in a preacher tone. Rather, Preacher Moms unveil the empirical knowledge and affective experiences they have about being mothers in their digital activity. Phrases of authors that talk about overcoming motherhood, the tips and instructions on how to take care of their children, the photos of their children and the recipes and homemade medicines that they recognize by the simple fact of having tried them. Being a mother is not only a social role but a practical and emotional wisdom built daily.

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