Professional Procrastinators

Consumer Tribe: Professional Procrastinators

Professional Procrastinators
Consumer Tribe: Professional Procrastinators
Keywords: Humor; entertainment; "desk jockey" life; personal goals; soccer; news; politics; comedy; office life.

Description of their identity
This tribe includes professionals from various industries who share three defining characteristics. The first is age: members of the tribe are at the beginning of their working lives, either as recent college graduates or in their first years of employment.

The student stage has left traces in how they perceive professional dynamics, likening work responsibilities to tasks and responding to them like they experienced college. Therefore, postponement of goals and completing tasks at the last minute is a habitual behaviour expressed through memes, complaints and on-air confessions. The second characteristic they share is the aversion and humorous protest towards the role of the responsible adult; despite the transition to a new stage, Professional Procrastinators seek to maintain the same task/suffering versus freedom/fun logic that characterized their passage through school and university. Some TikTok users of the tribe often record "trends" in the office or during working hours.

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