Consumer tribe: Proshippers

Consumer tribe: Proshippers
Keywords: Idols, celebrities, love life, K-Pop, K-Dramas, romantic stories. 

Description of their identity

This tribe comprises a group of profiles that position themselves on socio-digital platforms through the fanaticism they experience for their favorite artists. However, this tribe of fans has a particularity that differentiates them from others:

1) Exposing the love life of your favorite artists, YouTubers, or micro-celebrities.

2) The invention of romantic stories among celebrities and micro-celebrities. In this sense, this tribe directs its fanaticism to the romantic construction of the life of its idols.

Unlike the other fandom tribes, proshippers can be differentiated by emphasizing the love life of not only their favorite artists or idols but also related artists in the industry with whom they may be involved. For this tribe, it is of utmost importance to keep updated with relevant news related to their private life and not so much with their artistic career. In addition, this tribe is characterized by watching dramas (especially Korean dramas) and drama series in general.

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