Proud Lovebirds

Consumer Tribe: Proud Lovebirds

Proud Lovebirds
Consumer Tribe: Proud Lovebirds
Keywords: Relationship, LGBT+ Community, Romantic Love, Social Equity, Pro-Choice.

Description of their identity

The Proud Lovebirds tribe comprises a set of profiles from 18 to 25 years that articulate their digital identity based on romantic love within the LGBT+ community. They achieve this positioning through the following actions:

  1. Posting romantic images with their partner, where they show signs of affection such as hugs and kisses.
  2. They can accompany the images with texts or post phrases expressing their pride for belonging to the community and their right to love.

In this sense, the act of exposing the people they love or talking openly about their preferences or identities becomes a political act. They understand it as a way to break with the traditional heterosexual discourse.

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