Consumer Tribe: Providers

Consumer Tribe: Providers
Keywords: Children; family; couple; family travel; thanking God; friends.

Description of their identity

Male tribe, composed of middle-aged fathers with underage children. Their social display emphasizes visual narratives around their role as parents. The most repeated digital display pattern consists of photos with their children: vacations, work, religion, and life as a couple is constructed around their role as facilitators of a better father/child relationship. The meticulous editing of their digital presence is fine-tuned to highlight the time they spend with their children, even though they play a minimal role in their daily routine.

Secondly, The Providers portray his interpretation of masculinity as the ability to serve as the pillar of the household. There are recurring themes of hard work and striving for success. They are shown as connoisseurs of culturally masculine practices, including automobiles, sports, and economic success through discipline and hard work.

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