Consumer Tribe: Psychotrippers
Keywords: Psychedelic experience; spirituality; philosophy; electronic music; rave culture; nature travel; meditation.

Description of their identity
Psychotrippers is a tribe composed of teenagers and young people who articulate their identity from intrapersonal experiences in raves, festivals, trips, and "temazcals".

A temazcal refers to a pre-Hispanic/pre-American ancestral ritual and, in turn, a steam bath of medicinal and aromatic herbs used in the traditional medicine and daily life of the peoples of central Mexico.

However, this is not a group that shows itself from addiction or the exclusive relationship with drug use. Psychotrippers are a network of people who constitute their identity through experiences that allow them to deepen their inner self through practices such as meditation, dancing at festivals and, on certain occasions, consuming psychedelic substances.

The central axis of the tribe is framed in all those experiences that make it possible to leave the routine and the mundane. That is why its members like recreational spaces where they listen to electronic music, they opt for hallucinogenic moments that enable them to concentrate on the sensory, they are inclined to travel that they narrate as moments of philosophical and spiritual reflection and are presented in the socio-digital channels from renders and filters with psychedelic themes.

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