Pursuit of Success

Consumer Tribe: Pursuit of Success

Pursuit of Success
Consumer Tribe: Pursuit of Success
Keywords: Personal Success; beauty; motivation; travel; cosmetics; personal success; achievements; dream big.

Description of their identity
Pursuit of Success is the name given to a group of people, from 20 to 50 years old, who attach their identity to success in an imaginary (not so much natural) way. In this sense, it is not that the digital tribe shows the success they have built economically with material objects or situations. In contrast, they show they are on the way to achieving it or simply a desire to fulfil.

For this reason, the unfulfilled desire is the symbol that holds this group together. Their social media is full of self-improvement content, be it a signature phrase, quests for contests, images of landscapes, or pictures of successful people (especially celebrities or influencers). Post after post, the tribe demonstrates those contents that reflect successful life in terms of beauty, purchasing power and interpersonal relationships.

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