Quirky Techies

Consumer Tribe: Quirky Techies

Quirky Techies
Consumer Tribe: Quirky Techies
Keywords: science; technology; gaming; computer; consoles; esports; online gaming. 

Description of their identity
Quirky Techies is the name given to a group of men, university students and professionals who are united by their love for technology and geek culture. Hence, day after day, they upload to social media news about the latest technological gadgets and devices, moments in which they are playing video games, moments of consumption of superhero movies and a humorous discourse anchored to anime or cartoons.

However, it is worth mentioning that the tribe does not position itself as either gamer or geek. Instead, they re-signify geek culture by showing the person in professional contexts, dressed in current and fashionable attire, devoted to technology and with a taste for nightlife and school reunions. So this is not a misunderstood figure, but a social and entrepreneurial identity that proudly reflects their preference for geek culture. His tribal identity is dependent on the trending geek culture.

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