Consumer Tribe: Rallyers
Keywords: Live rallies; automobiles; drivers; speed cars; extreme sports; motorcycles; outdoors sports.

Description of their identity
This tribe comprises people who weave their identity from their passion for open-wheel motor racing. In other words, it is a tribe that loves rallies, especially those in unconventional weather conditions and surfaces: dirt, snow, gravel, or ice. It is, finally, a passion for driving cars in contexts that require the driver's skill and the vehicle's endurance.

Thus, the identity axis of the tribe is built from the off-road look towards the automotive world. By constituting themselves as a group of fanatics, this network of people configures their fanaticism not only from the speed or aesthetics of the cars but also from the resistance, tenacity, and fearlessness of the models and drivers. They value rural rallying experiences more than racing in controlled environments (Formula 1).

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