Consumer Tribe: Ranchers

Consumer Tribe: Ranchers
Keywords: Corrals; trucks; cattle; work; alcohol consumption; violent discourse; corridor; banda music.

Description of their identity

Ranchers are a male tribe that proudly relates to the countryside. Profiles from 25 to 45 years old articulate their masculine identity from the figure of the rancher: that character who does not present any weakness to others recognizes any trade and exposes his wisdom and accurate contact with livestock and agricultural work. His manly strength, therefore, is based on his mastery of nature and his challenging attitude toward others.

The contact with the "earth" and the desire for consumer objects are two essential issues that modulate his digital/non-digital activity. Among their social networks, they proudly display their rural life through images that show their work moments, the "corridos" they listened to, the corrals watched over, and the farming activities they carried out. In addition, they exhibit luxury items from unrealized desire, especially trucks, cars, and motorcycles.

The corrido is a famous narrative metrical tale and poetry that forms a ballad. The songs are often about oppression, history, daily life for criminals, the vaquero lifestyle, and other socially relevant topics.

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