Romantic Nesters

Consumer Tribe: Romantic Nesters

Romantic Nesters
Consumer Tribe: Romantic Nesters
Keywords: Children; family reunions; romantic love; couple life.

Description of their identity

Romantic Nesters is a tribe comprised of stay-at-home moms and dads ages 35 to 50. Like many other parents, they use social media as a family album. However, a pattern of digital behaviour distinguishes them from different families: they construct the mother and father figure from romantic love: ideal partner or better half.

The messages they share combine with showing their children (to project the figure of the good parent) and to expose how the marriage endures over time (formation of the good couple). Although they also share images and messages intended to celebrate family life, in the discourse of this tribe, romantic dinners, travel as a couple, and daily outings between two are a way to resume creating experiences together beyond the children. For Romantic Nesters, ideological discourse is a form of constant demonstration of their most defining belief: the couple's relationship does not have to lose the dynamics of courtship due to the formation of a family.

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