Sarcastic Jesters

Consumer Tribe: Sarcastic Jesters

Sarcastic Jesters
Consumer Tribe: Sarcastic Jesters
Keywords: School; classes; recess; funny videos; memes; funny selfies.

Description of their identity

Sarcastic Jesters are one of the consumer tribes within the universe that position themselves from humor, sarcasm, and irony. However, its particularity is that it is a group of children, young people, and adolescents (10 to 20 years old) who expose themselves as the figure of the class jester. In this sense, they articulate their identity with the ability to blur the logic of school activity.

Their most crucial identity axis is using humor to consolidate themselves as leaders. The ability to make others laugh demonstrates their personality and allows us to understand how they acquire a rank within the classroom. In short, the class jester makes others laugh and consolidates their hierarchy by breaking the authoritarian school logic.

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