Scifi Eccentrics

Consumer Tribe: Scifi Eccentrics

Scifi Eccentrics
Consumer Tribe: Scifi Eccentrics
Keywords: Cartoons, movies and entertainment, costumes, comics, superheroes, Marvel and DC Universes, eccentricity.

Description of their identity

The present tribe is composed of a wide network of individuals aged around 24 years who exhibit an unbridled fanaticism towards science fiction movies, series, and stories. Beyond simply enjoying these narratives, they show a fervent taste for the iconic characters of sagas. Their passion goes beyond the superficial, manifesting itself through active consumption of goods related to these franchises.

Thus, their identity is intrinsically linked to the degree of affinity they have for these stories, so they use their social media profiles to share their enthusiasm, connect with other equally passionate followers and show their eccentric vocation for fiction.

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