Selfie Esteemers

Consumer Tribe: Selfie Esteemers

Selfie Esteemers
Consumer Tribe: Selfie Esteemers
Keywords: Self-esteem; motivational phrases; selfies; food tips; family photos; wellness tips.

Description of their identity
Selfie Esteemers are a tribe that relates to its surroundings in the search for self-acceptance. It is mainly made up of profiles of women and men (to a lesser extent) who, despite their positive interactions with others, are constantly concerned with motivating and accepting themselves from their digital publications, especially in aesthetic terms.

Unlike the Moxy Divas tribe, Selfie Esteemers do not expose their figure as a seduction device but do so from a different logic: self-acceptance. This is because they reveal their face or body and add motivational phrases to their selfies. They also show tips for losing weight and thoughts on those who feel lost in their digital activity. Their profiles replicate a discourse highlighting the strength and love that a person should have for themselves, despite situations threatening their emotional and physical health.

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