Soccer Maniacs

Consumer Tribe: Soccer Maniacs

Soccer Maniacs
Consumer Tribe: Soccer Maniacs
Keywords: Soccer; soccer players; sports; sports news; alcohol-sports related; soccer videos; soccer leagues.

Description of their identity

Soccer Maniacs is one of the few monothematic tribes with interaction on multiple social media. Most of the profiles belonging to this tribe (men and women from 15 to 50 years old) use their digital media exclusively to share news, gossip and expressions of affiliation with soccer teams and matches on a national and international scale.

The love of soccer transcends the practice in the physical world; it is also a topic of consumption through newscasts, blogs and videos with recaps of the best plays. It could be said that it is the identity element per se of the tribe: it is not only lived as a hobby, but it directs the affective state of the tribe, and above all, it groups and divides the members by soccer team (Madrid vs Barcelona, for example).

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