Social Swingers

Consumer Tribe: Social Swingers

Social Swingers
Consumer Tribe: Social Swingers
Keywords: Hobbies, friends, fun, hobby, playing technique, post-golf meetings.

Description of their identity

Social Swingers is a consumer tribe that a group of men consolidated from 30 - 50 years who expose their identity from the figure of the "golf fan," which, in this case, has the characteristic of being shown in the following ways:

  1. Exposition of their taste for golf from the recreational: it is not about competing, but having a good time while practicing the sport.
  2. Golf enables social coexistence: it is better when the moments when the sport is practiced are shared. In other words, not only do I play, but I have "my golf friends" and, therefore, "there are plans after golf."
  3. Demonstration of their "lifelong" hobby. They seek to differentiate themselves from the rest of the fans with strong evidence that allows them to argue that it is not a hobby for fashion or social trends.

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