Soul Adventurers
Consumer Tribe: Soul Adventurers
Keywords: Travel; yoga; meditation; camping; landscapes; philosophical phrases; couple; family; wellness; mindfulness; healing.

Description of their identity
Soul Travelers is the consumer tribe that shows its love for nature through contact with it. This network comprises young people and adults (18 to 35 years old) who practice spiritual activities, such as yoga, meditation, or prayer. Hence the photos of their trips where they are doing poses such as the sun salutation or the philosophical phrases accompanying the landscapes they capture, among others.

Travel and all activity, therefore, point towards the exploration and restoration of the self. It is about seeking fulfillment from contact with the root of the human being (nature) and finding learning and knowledge of oneself through spaces of contemplation, tranquility, and union with others. Therefore, the places where they travel are considered spiritual retreats rather than working vacations.

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