Consumer Tribe: Soulpreneurs

Description of their identity

Keywords: courses; life coaching, yoga; meditation; travelling; mindfulness: spirituality; personal balance; wellness.

Soulpreneurs is another tribe that relates its identity to the deepening of the self and the search for spiritual, mental and social balance. However, unlike others, this tribe uses the figure of the "sage" to relate it to an explicit business model that materializes in courses, workshops or exhibitions on how to achieve emotional and mental human fulfilment.

In this sense, the commodification of yoga, meditation and life coaching is what occupies the digital tribe as a priority. Its identity depends entirely on the constitution of a figure that recognizes the elements that allow people to connect with the mental, physical and spiritual and also to expose and show them in the form of workshops, exhibitions and online courses. Finally, the ability to deepen the self is a business of entrepreneurship rather than a way of life.

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