Consumer Tribe: Snapchattrives

Consumer Tribe: Snapchattrives
Keywords: Selfies; caricatured images; boy-bands; cartoons; superheroes; TikTok trends; filters.

Description of their identity

This is one of the youngest tribes (8 to 16 years old), Snapchattractives is made up of girls, boys and adolescents who use social media to edit themselves. However, unlike older tribes, the editing of the person does not have to do with a bodily issue that is used to seduce the other. Still, it is an exposure of the self from the attribution of fantastic elements (related to superheroes or animated characters) that give them identity. That is why the face appears to be edited, not the body.

The moulding of their self from a caricatured aesthetic is the central identity axis of the tribe. The publications of their face with symbols of childhood, the use of superhero phrases in their profile picture, and other activities evidence the importance of exposing in aesthetic terms the tastes and preferences that accompany them in this stage of life. These issues are not digital expressions but elements that produce social cohesion with their friends and the definition of identity in individual terms.

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