Sports Beat Elite

Consumer Tribe: Sports Beat Elite

Sports Beat Elite
Consumer Tribe: Sports Beat Elite
Keywords: Press, behind-the-scenes, awards, interviews, sporting events.

Description of their identity

The Sports Beat Elite tribe is consolidated by a group of men from 35 to 40 years old who expose their identity from their passion for sports, which has the characteristic of showing themselves in the following ways:

  1. Show their presence and active participation in the most important sports events and awards.
  2. They are not only limited to following one sport but may have several hobbies. Being aware of the general sports world is key.
  3. Demonstrate a good relationship with star athletes, such as having conversations inside and outside tournaments. For this tribe, their work represents their hobby at the same time. So, the channel is not only a means to be informed about what they like but also a tool for their work and the opportunity to be mentioned or quoted by others.

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