Stay-at-home moms

Consumer Tribe: Stay at home moms

Stay-at-home moms
Consumer Tribe: Stay-at-home moms
Keywords: Children; family; couple; God thankfulness; beauty; fashion.

Who are they and how do they build their identity?

This tribe comprises young women (30-45 years old) with children under 13. Most importantly, Stay-at-home moms are mainly dedicated to caring for their children. Being a mother and a wife are the two major roles that allow them to generate meaning in life and to recognize themselves in the eyes of others.

Family is the core piece from which their online identity is built: they post pictures of their children, show recipes and relate every moment or thought with their loved ones. Personal fulfilment, for this tribe, is achieved in service to others. They seek to materialize these values through experiences and phrases, messages of self-improvement, and gratitude to life, to God and their loved ones. Their children, moreover, are the most significant proof that this objective is achieved. Their achievements are proudly shared as an evidence that the values that govern their lives are materializing.

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