Consumer Tribe: Steadfasters

Consumer Tribe: Steadfasters
Keywords: Exercise; gym moments; work moments; religion; healthy lifestyle.

Description of their identity
Steadfasters is a tribe of men and women who share a taste for leading a routine and disciplined life. Hence, this human network takes advantage of two activities that imply that people resort to constancy in their habits: exercise and religion. On the one hand, they show that they attend gyms or jog daily. On the other hand, they demonstrate in their socio-digital channels that they practice their religion daily: through prayer or attending mass.

In this sense, the central axis of the tribe configures the creation of a constant will. For the members of Steadfasters, practicing exercise and religion daily is the expression of a persistent person who strives to achieve their goals, to the extent that they also direct this attitude to their work sphere: they unveil the small actions they perform at the office, and the readings carried out to optimize their professional self.

This tribe is not related to a specific religion.

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