Consumer Tribe: Suitpreneurs.

Consumer Tribe: Suitpreneurs
Keywords: business; entrepreneurs; technology; motivation; marketing tips; self-improvement.

Description of their identity
Suitpreneurs are a tribe composed mainly of young (18-30 years old) and male (69%) profiles. Their most prominent differentiating characteristic is an ideology of self-improvement manifested through economics. For this tribe, professional success (or failure) based on self-management and overcoming external and internal limits is the conceptual framework that defines the tribe's identity.

Professional achievements through social media posts are what define the digital presence of this tribe. Consists in:

-Sharing images of business trips, hotels, conference attendance, teamwork and office lifestyle.

-Sharing motivational phrases and business tips, which they extract from the social media of entrepreneurship accounts. This particular combination of content generates a narrative of overcoming obstacles that evidence the philosophy behind their professional actions.

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