Teal Old Souls
Consumer Tribe: Teal Old Souls
Keywords: Artistic photography, travel, sustainability, arts of living, weathering.

Description of their identity

The Teal Old Souls tribe is a group of persons between the ages of 35 and 45 whose identity is founded on exploration, aesthetic discovery, and a heightened sensitivity to societal and environmental sustainability challenges. They desire to both contribute to society and benefit from its advancements. They live close to natural environments, such as lakes, forests, and terroirs, and they strive to amass significant life experiences to foster their sense of wonder and capture the sun in their eyeglasses.

The appreciation of natural elements, products, and spaces is heightened and complemented by a sensuous tale that forms an integral element of moments spent meditating on the world and the present. Teal Old Souls are acutely aware of the difficulties that will be encountered in the future concerning both the environment and society, and they believe that the answers may be found in more human acts, art, and poetry. 

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