Tireless Dads

Consumer Tribe: Tireless Dads

Tireless Dads
Consumer Tribe: Tireless Dads
Keywords: Family, motivational phrases, hard work, life success, travel.

Description of their identity

The present tribe is composed of a group of adult men from 28 - 45 years who construct their identity in social media based on two pillars:

1) Their fatherhood: which they show from the moments they spend with their sons and daughters at home and on outings.

2) Motivational phrases related to family, rewarding work, and future prosperity.

In this way, they position themselves from the hard work they do every day to provide resources and joy to their family. They differ from the Parents Go Further tribe because of their identity positioning in which they show themselves independently. That is, they do not expose the mother as part of a family team but simply show themselves as "solitary" providers.

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