Tobby's Club

Consumer Tribe: Tobby's Club

Tobby's Club
Consumer Tribe: Tobby's Club
Keywords: male friendships; school teams soccer; friends travel; school life; romantic phrases; video games.

Description of their identity

This group of people is characterized by children, adolescents and young adults (13 to 20 years old) who project their identity from the primary groups they have formed on the block, at school or in the family. The issue they are most interested in projects in social media is the social identity they have built from their exclusively male friendships. The person does not matter so much as the group they represent.

Unlike the "Beffas" tribe, mischief is the element that makes the social cohesion of Tobby's Club possible. Their attitude challenges the traditional to follow their path, regardless of the risks involved. In fact, in their digital activity, generally, phrases and reflections indicate how this type of profile does not seek to follow what imposes but to create its own rules.

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