Toddle Lovers

Consumer Tribe: Toddle Lovers

Toddle Lovers
Consumer Tribe: Toddle Lovers
Keywords: Photographs of children (children, nephews, nieces, friends' children); infants' affection; family moments; home images; children's play spaces.

Description of their identity

Toddler Lovers is a tribe that projects itself in digital media from the adoration of the world of children. Profiles from 20 to 45 years old, primarily women, focus their online activity on the constant expression of their relationship with children who are part of their network. However, unlike more family-oriented tribes, this one does not necessarily show interest in a family role or a parent-child relationship; many do not reveal that they are parents. They enjoy interacting with infants.

The growth of children is what the tribe reveres most. Adoration of them materializes notably in the moments that show the evolution, day by day, of their nieces, nephews or children (to a lesser extent). That is why digital media serve as platforms where it is reported, step by step, how infants develop both physically and mentally. The first steps, curious moments, birthday parties and the person's physical growth are the most captured to express the affective relationship.

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