Tough Centaurs

Consumer Tribe: Tough Centaurs

Tough Centaurs
Consumer Tribe: Tough Centaurs
Keywords: Vehicles, hard work, time with friends, hegemonic masculinity.

Description of their identity

The tribe called Tough Centaurs comprises men aged 17 to 55 years old who present themselves on socio-digital platforms based on the vehicles they own or use. They have been named "tough centaurs" due to the connotation they attach to their fondness and use of cars and pickup trucks, which is associated with strength and masculinity.

The tribe members use tractors, trucks, motorcycles, or horses to carry out their profession and position themselves as macho. Thus, they proudly pose in front of their vehicle, which, more than a simple means of transportation, they adopt as part of themselves and as a complement to their rigid and strong personality.

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