Tough Youngsters

Consumer Tribe: Tough Youngsters

Tough Youngsters
Consumer Tribe: Tough Youngsters
Keywords: Self-exposure; emotional strength; rebelliousness; friends; school; adult life; motivational phrases; movies; friendship.

Description of their identity

Tough Youngsters is a tribe of teenagers who present themselves on social media as tough and emotionally strong. Through protest and manifesto, its members mostly show themselves solitary as an act of adaptation to the adult (and unprotected) world they are beginning to face.

Through their digital footprint, Tough Youngsters use symbols and gestures to which they give the meaning of mischief and rebellion against established social norms. The process of searching for individuality is also evident in sharing third-party content (phrases, movie excerpts) that values independence and self-sufficiency. Adolescents belonging to this tribe deny their relationship with third parties and seek their emotional freedom under the justification that vulnerability leads to suffering.

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