Tourism Promoters

Consumer Tribe: Tourism Promoters

Tourism Promoters
Consumer Tribe: Tourism Promoter
Keywords: tourism; travel discounts; hotels; food; travel agencies.

Description of their identity

Tourism Promoters is a tribe composed mainly of men who build their identity from the line of business in which they stand out professionally: tourism. In this sense, they project themselves to others as experts, knowing the best places to vacation and how to approach them economically. They function as vacation guides and personalized travel agencies.

Unlike the Travel Bloggers Consumer Tribe, Tourism promoters do not position themselves as expert storytellers or people who recognize travel as an exploratory experience. This tribe manifests all its tourism knowledge from a transactional and commercial logic, that is, through a look fully dedicated to the business. Therefore, it is connected with hotels, restaurants and shopping centres in the promoted area. That is why the digital activity they maintain in their social media exposes, in pamphlet format, discounts, images of places and vacation packages; it is a commercial look.

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